Team XGFit™️

Xavisus Gayden

IFBB Pro Xavisus Gayden is a competitive bodybuilder and coach. He’s won 1st place in the Titans Grand Prix, 3rd in Japan Pro, 4th in the Sacramento Pro Championship, 5th place in the Pro Salt Lake City Showdown, and 7th in the Arnold Sports Festival.

Corey Morris

Corey “Deltking” Morris is an IFBB Pro athlete and a MonEthos Pro. He started bodybuilding in 2016 and earned his pro certification two years later. Corey enjoys the competitve aspect of bodybuilding and has fun taking the discipline of his workout onto the stage with confidence. We have high expectations for Corey in the years to come!

Suraqah Shabazz

FBB Pro Bodybuilder Suraqah Shabazz, from Chicago, Illinois, will compete in the 2019 NorCal Championship in Sacramento, California on Saturday, June 8 according to Mon Ethos Pro President, David Whitaker

Zach Savoie

I compete because I love the grind and competition. I was a D1 football player. I ended up having a couple knee injuries which ended football for me. I needed something to fill that competition void in my life after football. I loved training and eating clean so it worked out perfectly.

Sarah Gayden

Sarah Gayden is an IFBB Bikini Pro athlete, owner and manager of a California based fitness apparel company, a fitness-centered chef/cook, and also coaches for posing.

Christopher Henderson

Christopher Henderson is an IFBB Pro and Mon Ethos athlete. He holds a Bachelor of Science in kinesiology and trains out of his private studio in Fresno, CA, where he devotes individual attention to his clients. Christopher has been competing in the bodybuilding circuit since 2013 and has a passion for coaching people into healthier lifestyles.

Kyle Boddie

Kyle Boddie was born and raised outside of northside Chicago, IL in a small city called Zion. Kyle was naturally gifted with sports and played in baseball and football from an early age till graduating Zion Benton Township High School. After HS, he stayed around town at a local community college and working as a server. After 4 years of doing that he decided to join the Air Force.

Kim Gutiérrez

My name is Kim Caroline Gutiérrez Kuruz, kinesiologist, trainer, and the first IFBB Bikini Pro from Chile. I am also a former belly dancer and Zumba instructor. I am part of 2 tv shows in Chile (Fox,Canal 13).

Brian Foster

Brian Foster is a US Army Veteran and Men's Physique Competitor. He has competed in the Emerald Cup, Washington State, and Northern Classic competitions.

Ethan Coro

Ethan Coro is an aspiring bodybuilder and active military police officer. He joined the Marines 9 years ago, and has been bodybuilding competitively for the last two years. He has plans to train compete and model full time. His chief motivation is to show his three year old son Ryder that following your dreams will get you where you want to be. Ethan is highly enthusiastic about social media and working with Mon Ethos to increase his value as a social influencer.

Dustin Pederson

Dustin Pederson is a 4 time Overall Classic Physique winner and placed in the top 5 in the 2018 USA's. He coaches, trains, and teaches in the Portland OR area.

Manuel Perdue

Manuel Perdue is one of our up and coming competitive athletes training to become the future of bodybuilding. He has been in competition since late 2017, taking First in Teen Physique and Tenth in Unlimited Men's Physique in the Battle in the Desert 2018.

Team Ventura ™️

Jason Draksler

Jason Draksler, who recently completed his service with the U.S. Army, recently competed in the 2018 NPC North American Physique Bodybuilding Championships. A member of Team Ventura, Jason prepared for the event almost exclusively from makeshift military gyms. "He has a stunning look for modeling, and if Jason wins this event, making him extremely marketable," says Draksler's agent David Whitaker, of Mon Ethos Pro.

Shane Sumner

Shane Sumner is an active US Marine and competing NPC bodybuilder. During school he ran in track, pole vaulted, wrestled and played football.

DaJuan Freeman

DaJuan Freeman is the 2017 North American Champion, winning 1st Open, 1st 35+, Master’s 35+ and Overall Champion and in 2016, he won 1st Place at both the California State Championships and the LA Grand Prix.

Renato Menezes

Brazil native Renato Menezes is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and a five time overall NPC national qualifier. He was the Overall Champion at the 2017 NPC Diamond Classic and won 1st in his Class at the 2017 NPC Sunshine Classic and the 2017 NPC Topamania Classic. Renato is also a physical trainer and holds a black belt in jiu jitsu.

Johnathan Efstratios Arampatzis

Johnathan Efstratios Arampatzis is a model, competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer. He competed at the 2014 NPC Europa Phoenix, the NPC Dennis James Classic in 2015 and the 2016 NPC USA Championships.

USMC Vet - Team Ventura ™️

Taylor Black

Taylor Black, who served two deployments with the U.S. Marines, recently traveled to Miami to compete in the 2018 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships on Nov. 15 through Nov. 17. Black’s previous competition was the 2017 NPC Night of Champions where he was the Overall Winner in the Men’s Physique.

“We expect big things from Taylor. He has the talent and energy necessary to make it big in the professional bodybuilding world, and the excitement that he brings to the gym is felt by everyone who works around him.” - David Whitaker, President of Mon Ethos Pro.

Team XGFit™️

Daniel Bower

Daniel Bower is a newcomer on the professional bodybuilding scene, but is already making major waves. At 20 years old, he has competed in a number of major competitions and is set to compete in many more. This is definitely a man to keep an eye out for.

Rick Ackerson

Rick Ackerson is a competing bodybuilder and retired firefighter/paramedic. He is a dedicated coach and physical trainer, and a spirited entrepreneur in the CBD industry with a line of over 70 products.

Joshua Gross

Joshua Gross is a natural bodybuilder from Kentucky, training to succeed in competitions. Joshua is a cancer survivor and is also in school for cybersecurity.

IFBB Pro - Team Ventura ™️

Raymont Edmonds

IFBB Pro athlete Raymont Edmonds is the Pittsburgh Pro Champion 2017 - 2018, New York Pro Champion 2018, and Charlotte Europa Champion 2017. He excelled at basketball throughout high school and university, and is now striving to become Mr. Olympia.


Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll, IFBB Pro and Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, is a graduate of University of East London, where he graduated with honors before graduating Brock University with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Health & Physical Education.

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