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Mon Ethos seeks to provide a bespoke level of service to its clients, by combining both executive level talent management with the business development tools necessary to generate revenue and interest to the athletes, artists and executives that retain the firms services.  Through a hyper-intensive approach, we are able to take talented individuals in their most raw form and put a wide variety of resources behind them in order to propel them into the next level of their specific field.

Whether it is the development of a website or a press release, Mon Ethos takes the utmost care in crafting a work product that is far superior than otherwise found in our industry. Our clients can range from business executives looking to get into the next level of management, or professional athletes looking to expand their revenue into areas other than their specific sport; all come to Mon Ethos for our professionalism and dedication to our work.

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Featured Athletes

Team XGFit™️

Xavisus Gayden

IFBB Pro Xavisus Gayden is a competitive bodybuilder and coach. He’s won 1st place in the Titans Grand Prix, 3rd in Japan Pro, 4th in the Sacramento Pro Championship, 5th place in the Pro Salt Lake City Showdown, and 7th in the Arnold Sports Festival.

IFBB Pro - Team Ventura ™️

Carlos DeOliveira

The Overall Winner at the 2015-2016 Jay Cutler Classic, Carlos DeOliveira is a rising star in the Men’s Physique community. “We are looking forward to a profitable relationship with Caiki as he pursues his career through fitness modeling and bodybuilding,” says David Whitaker, President of Mon Ethos Pro. Carlos is a 4-time NPC Overall Champion and winner of the 2017 Connecticut GrandPrix Overall Title in Men’s Physique as well as the 2018 NPC USA Bodybuilding Champion in Men's Physique.

Corey Morris

Corey “Deltking” Morris is an IFBB Pro athlete and a MonEthos Pro. He started bodybuilding in 2016 and earned his pro certification two years later. Corey enjoys the competitve aspect of bodybuilding and has fun taking the discipline of his workout onto the stage with confidence. We have high expectations for Corey in the years to come!

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