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Mon Ethos seeks to provide a bespoke level of service to its clients, by combining both executive level talent management with the business development tools necessary to generate revenue and interest to the athletes, artists and executives that retain the firms services.  Through a hyper-intensive approach, we are able to take talented individuals in their most raw form and put a wide variety of resources behind them in order to propel them into the next level of their specific field.

Whether it is the development of a website or a press release, Mon Ethos takes the utmost care in crafting a work product that is far superior than otherwise found in our industry. Our clients can range from business executives looking to get into the next level of management, or professional athletes looking to expand their revenue into areas other than their specific sport; all come to Mon Ethos for our professionalism and dedication to our work.

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Featured Athletes

Mr. Olympia

Brandon Hendrickson

Brandon recognizes that, for him, genetics has played a role in his success. He recently learned, for instance, that his grandfather was a weight lifter. His father, who has been a huge role model for him, was a naturally gifted athlete. Even when Brandon was the skinny high school boy he still had visible abs that drew  attention from girls and boys alike. When he finally hit the gym soon after graduating from college his body was primed to respond. Deep in his DNA Brandon has always had the talent and the capacities he today displays.


Abner Logan Jr.

Abner Logan was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he was a highly-touted four star recruit who starred at Dexter School in Brookline. Ab committed to the University of Maryland in 2011 and joined their 2012 class. After the 2015 season, where he played a contributing role in the final seven games of the season before transferring to the University of Albany where he earned a place on the 2016 CAA Academic All-Conference Team. Following graduation from the University of Albany, Logan signed a free agent contact into the National Football League with the Buffalo Bills.

USMC Vet - Team Ventura ™️

Taylor Black

Taylor Black, who served two deployments with the U.S. Marines, will be traveling to Miami to compete in the 2018 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships on Nov. 15 through Nov. 17. Black’s most recent competition was the 2017 NPC Night of Champions where he was the Overall Winner in the Men’s Physique. “We expect big things from Taylor. He has the talent and energy necessary to make it big in the professional bodybuilding world, and the excitement that he brings to the gym is felt by everyone who works around him,” says David Whitaker, President of Mon Ethos Pro.

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