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Daniel Bower

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 Daniel Bower

Daniel Bower

Daniel Bower is a newcomer on the professional bodybuilding scene, but is already making major waves. At 20 years old, he has competed in a number of major competitions and is set to compete in many more. This is definitely a man to keep an eye out for.

Personal Data

Weight185 lbs
Hair ColorDark Brown
Body TypeAthletic
TattoosYes (right side of chest and left quad)
Neck Size
Dress Shirt SizeMedium
Pant Size32W 30L
Shoe Size10.5
 Daniel Bower

Daniel Bower


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Sports, Hobbies, & Fitness

 Daniel Bower

Daniel Bower


What was your last bodybuilding competition and what did you place?
My last bodybuilding competition was the Titans Grand Prix 2018 by Muscle Contest. And I placed 6th on the scorecard, did not take top 5.

What prior competitions have you been to and what did you place in those?
I also competed in the LA Grand Prix 2018 by Muscle Contest and I placed 4th.

What competitions have you won?
None YET 😉

When/where is your next competition?
My next competition is on February 9th 2019, in Las Vegas Nevada. It is the Legends Classic 2019 by Muscle Contest.

Fitness Regimen

Briefly describe your current workout regimen
I workout 7 days a week, as of right now I do 5 days a week of cardio but I will be getting back on prep in a few more days which will bump my cardio back to 7 days a week as well.

What is the name and location of the gym that you currently work out at?
The Wilburn Gym in TwentyNine Palms, California

What supplement brands do you currently use?
Evogen Nutrition

What are your Top 3 songs to workout to?
Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin
G.O.A.T by Eric Bellinger
Senses (William Black remix) by Prismo


What are your hobbies?

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Body Building
  • Exercise (aerobics, weights)
  • Fast cars
  • Football
  • Games
  • Models
  • Playing music
  • Playing team sports
  • Relaxing
  • Sky Diving
  • Spending time with family/kids
  • Traveling
  • Video Games
  • Watching sporting events
  • Weightlifting


What sports do you play?

  • Bodybuilding
  • Weightlifting
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football

What sports do you watch?

  • Bodybuilding
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football

Tell us about the sports you have played.
Played baseball my whole life all the way through highschool. Played basketball and football for the Marine Corps for my unit.

Tell us about your favorite teams.
Favorite baseball team is Toronto Blue Jays.
Favorite basketball team is Golden State Warriors.
Favorite football team is New York Giants.


Manager: David Whitaker  – eMail

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