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IFBB Pro Dajuan Freeman

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 Dajuan Freeman

Dajuan Freeman

DaJuan Freeman is the 2017 North American Champion, winning 1st Open, 1st 35+, Master’s 35+ and Overall Champion and in 2016, he won 1st Place at both the California State Championships and the LA Grand Prix.

Personal Data

Weight258 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Body TypeMuscular/Mesomorph
LocationColton, CA
PiercingsYes (ears)
Neck Size16.25 in
Dress Shirt SizeXXL
Pant SizeOff season 38, 33 prep season 34, 33
Shoe Size14

 Dajuan Freeman

Dajuan Freeman


Sports, Hobbies, & Fitness

 Dajuan Freeman

Dajuan Freeman


What was your last bodybuilding competition and what did you place?

Legion Sports Festival Sept 29th – placed 12th

What prior competitions have you been to and what did you place in those?

Battle in the Desert July 2018- 17th

San Jose Championships- June 2018- 11th

Nor Cal Championships June 2018- 10th, 2nd Masters 35+

Night of Champions May 2018- 9th

Tournament of Champions Dec 2017- 16th

Ferrigno Legacy Nov 2017- 9th

North American Championships 2017- 1st Open, 1st Masters 35 +, Masters Overall Champion

USA Championship 2017- 4th

California State Championships 5th Open, 3rd Masters 35 +

USA Championships 2016- 5th

California State Championships 2016- 1st

LA Grand Prix 2016- 1st Open, 1st Novice, Novice Overall Champion

Fit World Championships 2015- 4th

What competitions have you won?

2017 North American Championships 1st Open, 1st 35+, Master’s 35+ Overall Champion

2016 California State Championships 1st Place

2016 LA Grand Prix 1st Place Open, 1st Place Novice, Novice Overall Champion.

Fitness Regimen

Briefly describe your current workout regimen
Off season 5 days a week. 25 mins 3-4 days a week
Prep season 7 days a week. 60-90,120 mins of cardio per day.

What is the name and location of the gym that you currently work out at?
24 hour fitness

What supplement brands do you currently use?
Black dragon labs
Next level Nutrition
Motiv8 performance
Red con-1
Repp Sports

What are your Top 3 songs to workout to?
Lil Wayne- Roar
Travis Scott- sicko mode
Sheck Wes- Mo Bamba


What are your hobbies?

  • Body Building
  • Church/church activities
  • Exercise (aerobics, weights)
  • Fast cars
  • Listening to music
  • Renting movies
  • Traveling
  • Watching sporting events
  • Weightlifting


What sports do you play

  • bodybuilding
  • weightlifting
  • powerlifting
  • baseball
  • basketball
  • football


What sports do you watch

  • bodybuilding
  • boxing
  • martial arts
  • weightlifting
  • powerlifting
  • baseball
  • basketball
  • football
  • gladiatorial sports



Manager: David Whitaker  – eMail

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