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Your sport is a fun, engaging kind of activity. It’s also a good business.

With the ever-growing commercialization of sports, it’s not a wonder why the pros and the best of the best athletes opt to have their own professional logo.

Perhaps the most notable is Michael Jordan, apart for him we have Michael Schumacher’s awesome logo, Roger Federer’s minimalist logo, Leonel Messi’s edgy logo, and Lebron James’ new logo, among others. The list is long, the designs are memorable and clever. The majority of the athletes with a professional logo use it for different reasons, one of which is to extend their personal brand from a business POV. Like Michael Jordan and his famous Air Jordan shoes and sneakers, Venus Williams also built her sports apparel brand using her clever logo. Easy logo recognition boosts the marketing efforts of these companies.

A professional logo for a pro-athlete has a variety of benefits, and most are associated with business. These pros are often seen outside sports courts and playing fields. They grace TV commercials, print ads, red carpets, and special events. As mentioned, they’re also a brand, an endorser, so having a logo to put their stamp on something is just wise. This is especially true if the pro athlete is endorsing a big brand and has a personal website. The logo brings everything together.

It’s like when you see the professional logo, you easily associate it with the athlete. It’s brand recognition as its finest.

Is there a downside with a professional logo for a pro athlete? Looking at the big picture, there’s really none. Of course, some will raise the ethics issue surrounding these logos, but overall, at the end of the day, a logo is just a logo – a basic representation or a symbol of the person as a brand.

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